The Game recently appeared as a guest for Everyday Struggle's special episode that took place at ComplexCon Long Beach, where he revealed that he is "not opposed" to a G-Unit reunion.

Fans will remember years back that The Game sensationally fell out with G-Unit boss 50 Cent - and the beef was not a Twitter-based beef.

"I could have died in my beef with 50; 50 could have died. We was really shootin' that sh*t," he told DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and Wayno.

He has since squashed his feud with 50 and says if the money split is right, he'd be down for an encore:

"I'm not opposed to anything in the future with G-Unit or nothing like that as long as it make sense financially," he explained.

"We're a lot older now, and sh*t got to be split down the middle 'cause there really ain't no G-Unit tour without Game and ain't no G-Unit tour without 50. And everybody else get mixed in where they mix in. [Lloyd] Banks is still one of my favorite MCs. We used to go bar-for-bar in the studio on who was going to get the second verse. I f*ck with Banks, I hated the f*ck out of [Tony] Yayo, but I'm 40 now, damn near. So there's animosity with him either. He should be passed that too."