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The Game is still missing his longtime friend Nipsey Hussle, and has urged his supporters to support YG's new album '4REAL 4REAL' in honor of the late rapper.

YG and Nipsey were also very close friends and both have constantly posted tributes to the late rapper.

"To my REAL fans: I want each of you to fully support my bro @YG’s album this Friday May 24th..... he dedicated the project to the memory of Nip & I am 100% behind it as we should always appreciate, love & support one another while we’re here," Game wrote posting a picture of the album's artwork.

"This is something as the days grow, most of us including myself have been guilty of forgetting to do at times. Sometimes in life we get wrapped up in our daily routines forgetting that we only get one shot here. One life. One chance to do as best we can to not only make a difference for ourselves, but our families, friends & those we consider love ones. Life is short & these days with everything that’s going on it seems even shorter," he continued before once more imploring his fans to support the release this Friday.