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The Game has penned a touching open letter to Black women following the release of "Surviving R. Kelly" and Cyntoia Brown being granted clemency.

"Now is the time to give black women as much love & respect as possible. Especially our babies," he wrote.

"The things you all have to go through to have your voice heard is disheartening & the length of time between the situation or its occurrence & the people actually starting to give a f+!? is sickening.

"I pray for your strength & the strength of those who are weakened by mass manipulators in this world. A lot of times mental abuse, mind control & ones calculated manipulative nature can be just as bad & damaging as physical abuse. I see, hear & notice what's going on now & will no longer turn a blind eye to the obvious. I am sorry you've all had to endure so much & I truly admire your fortitude. You are not alone. I am with YOU."


The Game has previously worked with Kelly on their 2005 song 'Playa's Only.' He joins the ever-growing list of celebrities who are speaking out against his heinous crimes, finally placing the lives of young, Black women ahead of the music.