The Game: I'm Willing To Hold Myself Accountable For my Wrongdoings


Rapper The Game took to social media to share an inspiring video -- where he says he is willing to hold himself accountable for the things that he has done wrong.

"I'm willing to start with myself holding myself accountable for all my wrongdoings. You know, my indecisive moments that can turn negative and affect other people negatively," he shared.

The video comes as a judge ruled that his sexual assault accuser, Priscilla Rainey, could take his BMI publishing royalties to claim her $7.1 million judgment against him.

"If we all hold ourselves accountable, for our own actions individually, [then] we will find peace sooner than later. As long as there is people that look different from other people meaning different races…. there will always be some type of civil dispute or civil unrest. I think the only way peace to peace, eternally, for everyone, is for us all to hold ourselves individually accountable for our own actions. That's really the only way."