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The First PREGNANCY PIC . . . Of Atlanta Housewife PORSHA!! (She's Preggers)


MTO News confirmed last week that Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives was pregnant. Now we have the first image that can be used as a RECEIPT for our report.

According to our source at BRAVO, Porsha Williams informed the network that her storyline should be adjusted, to reflect her new pregnancy. And as we speak, the producers are hard at work re-writing Porsha's storyline.

A TOP housewives producer spilled the tea to MTO News - and even the other HOUSEWIVES DON'T KNOW YET. The producer told MTO News, "I don't know if Porsha's family even knows - she wants it to be a surprise."

Well everyone is going to be VERY surprised by Porsha's choice to become a single mom. We're told that Porsha and her boyfriend Dennis McKinley have no immediate plans to marry.

But here's a little bit of TEA. Porsha's pregnancy could have been YET ANOTHER reason the producers fired Kenya. One producer told MTO News, "Why do we need a Kenya pregnancy when we can have a Porsha pregnancy And Porsha isn't a diva like Kenya."

Kenya Moore was fired from the show in the offseason, after she was unable to negotiate a proper salary from the Network.

Here's the pic of Porsha - look at her stomach.