The FBI has been able to tie both Shotti and 6ix9ine to an armed robbery because 6ix9ine reportedly recorded the entire thing on his phone.

TMZ obtained documents filed by federal prosecutors which include more than a dozen images of Tekashi, Shotti and other members of the Tr3yway crew pulling armed robberies and shootings.

Not only do the feds have surveillance footage of a robbery which took place back in April cops, which shows Shotti carrying out the robbery while 6ix9ine steppe out of the vehicle (with his brightly colored hair,) the cops also appear to have evidence that the "DUMMY BOY" rapper recorded the incident.

TMZ Video Screenshot

TMZ Video Screenshot

Prosecutors think Tekashi gave a 3rd party a screengrab of the robbery to post on the Internet. The evidence also included ... "matching shots of a backpack that was stolen, and later found in Tekashi's home during a Sept. raid." 

Welcome to 2018 where rapper snitch on themselves. The last thing you should do when carrying out a robbery with your crew is filming it. Duh!