The DNA TEST Results Are In . . . And Offset IS THE FATHER Of Thot's Baby!! (DNA Results)

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Cardi B's fiance Offset DOES HAVE a baby - with popular insta-thot Celina Powell. That's according to DNA test results that Celina posted online.

Celina and Offset are in the midst of a child support dispute in court. Celina wanted the courts to declare that Offset is the father of her 2 month old baby. And Offset was claiming he wasn't the babys father.

Two weeks ago, the court FORCED Offset to take a DNA test. And the results of that test are in. According to Celina, Offset is her child's father.

Celina gave birth March 23 to a baby girl. 

Look at the test results she posted:


Celina pulled some serious MAGIC TRICKS to even serve Offset with the DNA paternity test in the first place. She recently had an interview with Hollywood Life where she described her trickery: Did you serve Offset with a court ordered paternity test this weekend?

Celina Powell: Yup, he was shook. I was on Live but the wifi was messed up I guess. Kenny and Danny [Zook] (his managers) were pissed off. They threw the papers on the floor but I think he took the test. So now I‘ve got to wait. It was all court ordered and they stayed here an extra day, so I think it was to take the test.

HL: How did you get it done?

CP: Offset was in town for a concert, near where I live in Colorado, and I pretended to be the venue’s manager. I acted like I was the promoter and called up Danny on his team to find out when they will be at the venue and Danny’s stupid ass really believed me and told me when they was five minutes away.

This must be very difficult for Cardi who recently announced that she is taking a break from performing because of her own growing baby.