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The Cussing Pastor has set his sights on Evelyn Braxton, the mother of the famous Braxton sister's after she recently appeared on Judge Mablean's Sirius XM show and had some not so flattering things to say about him.

His name was brought up when they spoke about cases of pastor's abusing women in the church and abuses of power.

“Evelyn Braxton, you can’t even keep your daughters in a wholesome, Christian manner. Got damn it they f*cking everybody and everything," he said on the Gram

He continued his series of rants with:


“So you weak, raggedy wig wearing, zombie graveyard looking rejects, want to attack me? Judge Mablean Who Lost her prime time tv show and the mother of the most dysfunctional group of females on the planet, Evelyn Braxton whose husband found some young p*ssy and left her ass alone decided to go live and lie on me and my ministry.”

“They lied and stated I’m not of God and I cuss the whole time I’m preaching and that all the women in my church be twerking on Sunday’s. And then went on to further berate me. If you two worn out b*tches want to know who ‘The Cussing Pastor’ is and what my ministry is all about contact me, I’ll come on your show and set both you and the record straight. I’m tired of you so called celebrities using me on your shows to get ratings by talking negatively about me but your balls are not big enough to bring me on your shows,” he yelled.

But he didn't stop there:

“So if you two dry p*ssy b*tches want the facts about me you can email me or call my office, but you won’t because like most of you fake ass holier than thou’s you throw rocks and [hide] your hands.”

Listen to his tirade below.