The College Professor That Created The 'BEYONCE CLASS' Got Fired . . . Looking For A JOB On TWITTER!!

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Remember back in 2010 when a Rutgers University professor created a "Beyonce" class. At the time it made national news.

The professor, Kevin Allred eventually LOST HIS JOB at the University, and he's been looking for work ever since.

Now Professor Allred is on Twitter looking for any paid gig. According to his Twitter Professor Allred is an"unapologetic outlaw of academia."

He claims that he still has the Sylabbus from his 'Politicizing Beyonce' class, and he's willing to share it.


This isn't the first time Allred has been involved in controversy. In fact back in 2016, the professor was placed on leave after Donald Trump became president.

The report read:

Kevin Allred, an adjunct in women's and gender studies at Rutgers University, has been placed on leave and barred from teaching amid a controversy over his comments on Twitter -- comments some say are threats of violence and others say are clearly rhetoric used to criticize President-elect Donald Trump.

"The tweet in question said: "Will the Second Amendment be as cool when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no …?"

Allred, on his website, describes himself as "a feminist author, educator and undoer of the status quo. A shameless outlaw of academia, he believes that everyone -- not just the gatekeepers of the ivory tower -- should have access to knowledge and education." 

Back in 2016 people got PISSED at Allred, but others were concerned because they claimed that he was well within his FIRST amendment freedom of speech rights.

We'll keep following the story and update you if Allred does land a new gig somewhere.