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The CITY Girls Tell How To SPOT A BROKE MAN . . . They Have Men . .  IN THEIR FEELINGS!!!


The City Girls - the famous New Orleans group on Drake's In Your Feelings song, just gave an interview where they explained how to spot a BROKE MAN. In fact they told women the ten signs to look for, that will tell you whether a man is broke.

Here's their list:

1. The man has dirty fingernails
2. The man loudly talks about h*es. (like he says 'where the hoes at-')-if you got money the hoes come to you
3. The man wears fake underwear. He has to have name brand drawers - polo, calvin Klein
4. The man drives an old car (2012 or earlier, looking like a pizza hut car)
5. If he tells you his car in the shop
6. If he always wearing an undershirt lol (like why dont you got a shirt)
7. If he's in the club with a little cup in his hand
8. If he never has his hair cut/he wearing slides and socks
9. If you meet him Saturday and he asks you for money on Tuesday
10. if his babys momma look busted

Of course men are blasting the women in their comments.It seems like their list offended men. But you know what we say . . . only HIT dogs holler.

According to an interview with Vibe Magazine:

Shortly after the release of “F**k That N***a” in August 2017, JT was arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft. As the song floated through radio and streaming tunnels, legal woes prevented JT from enjoying it all. With her family forced to put up their home for bond, JT was released and attempted to right her wrongs by leaving the scamming lifestyle behind. Her new path would lead her to more time in church, where a pastor shared her life would change for the better in a matter of months. The gift was Coach K and Pierre, who had a recording contract ready for the Miami natives. JT and Yung Miami were now known as City Girls.