The CITY GIRLS Old Tweets Uncovered . . . Very Disrespectful To BEYONCE DAUGHTER Blue!!

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Young Miami is one half of one of the most popular Girl Groups in America - The City Girls. But this morning she is in trouble, after old tweets of hers have surfaced. And the tweets were of the rapper taking shots - at Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy.

Young Miami posted some extremely disrespectful posts about Beyonce's daughter - who was only 2 year old at the time. The tweets talked about the toddler's hair and about how other BIRACIAL CHILDREN were "cuter" than Jay and Bey's eldest.

At the time this article was posted, Young Miami had NOT removed the tweets. 


Besides ATTACKING children they don't know on the internet, the City Girls have had some form of success with their music. . . 

Back in February it was reported that their smash hit, “Fuck Dat Nigga” has about 340,000 views on YouTube (now at 1.3 million). It's a loud, bright, and flashy ode to chuckin' deuces at broke dudes, with a beat that samples Miami legend Khia's “My Neck, My Back.” The City Girls' verses are raw and bad as hell. You'd never know it was actually their first time rapping.

“It wasn't something made to blow up. We just made this song having fun,” JT says. “It was no effort, honestly. It was just us being ourselves, and some people did not like it. Some people don't get it, but they'll get it one day.”

“They do get it,” Yung Miami cuts in. “They're just hating. They just want to have reason to not agree with us, that's it. It's a relatable song.”