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Reality television star Erica Mena is facing the wrath of the Barbz after she claimed that she did not know the lyrics to any Nicki Minaj songs during a recent interview.

"Honestly I grew up on Lil Kim so heavy when that came out I was like, 'Ugh, she's biting my girl.'" 

She then claimed that she was not really a fan of Nicki's:

 "Nicki's still great," HOT 97's Nessa said. 

"She is," Mena responded, "I've just never been drawn to it. I just feel like it was always just cartoony and stuff."

But Mena, who is currently engaged to Nicki's ex, Sararee, may have underestimated the Barbz who were quick to pull of receipts of Mena stanning Nicki.

Mena needs to be more careful when speaking on her man's favorite ex. The Barbz may not liberate their coins when it comes to their favorite rapper - but do not play when it comes to the innernets!

You can watch the entire interview below: