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THANKSGIVING EXPLOSIVE GOSSIP: What's REALLY Going On With Drake And Taylor . . . Nicki Minaj . . . And Beyonce And Rihanna??? (This Tea Is TOO HOT)

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    Original: just got some very interesting TEA in our inbox this morning. It's from a person claiming to be an industry insider.

Take it with a grain of salty turkey:

Nicki Minaj: F*ck this bitch! Most celebrities I meet through my work are pleasant but this woman is truly vile! Thankfully her career is over. She has been blackballed by most of the industry because of her attitude, and Drake had her blacklisted from radio after she got with Meek. Notice how she's not played on urban radio anymore unless it's on a feature.

Cicî and Russell: These two have the best PR team in the business. Everything they do is carefully crafted, from their fake abstinence to their children's hospital visits every week. However, I do believe their relationship is genuine.

I've met them many times and they are incredibly kind and gracious people and they seem very much in love. Russell treats her like a queen after his ex-wife cheated on him with a teammate.

Drake and Rihanna: Sorry to disappoint the fans, but these two are not in a relationship. It's all PR. When they said all Summer 16, they didn't lie. Both managed to dominate the entire summer with almost no promo, so it definitely worked.

Drake and Taylor Sw1ft: Not in a relationship; not even friends. Their "relationship" was an Apple Music deal to get people talking before the AMAs for that ad. They won't be seen again together.

Bey and Jay: Beyoncé hates RIHANNA and does everything she can to do her dirty, like upstaging her Vanguard performance at the VMAs and [allegedly] having Tîdal sabotage her album release. Jay will no longer promote anything Rih does because of Bey.