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Teyana Taylor Unveils Her 'NEW FACE' . . . After Reportedly Getting 'FACE LIFT'!! (PICS)


R&B singer/reality star Teyana Taylor got her a brand new face. According to folks online, Teyana is suspected to have undergone some facial reconstructive surgery. The exact nature of the procedure or procedures are unknown.- but folks are referring to the combination of alleged procedures as Teyana's 'facelift.

Teyana's new face was unveiled by her friend Monica - who posted pics o the two together yesterday. Teyana is no stranger to plastic surgery. After having her baby, Teyana opened up during an interview with Ebro In The Morning, that she underwent a "breast reduction."

And so far, the reviews of Teyana's new face are not good. Many people are suggesting that she may have "Little Kim'd" her face. One commenter said, "Before the surgery she looked like a bulldog. Now after the surgery she looks like Lil Kim's bulldog."

Here's Teyana's new face

Taylor admitted that she has had SOME surgery in the past, but she's only talked about her breasts...

According to Essence, "while discussing her physique on Ebro in the Morning, Taylor talked fitness and revealed that she actually underwent breast reduction surgery after giving birth to her daughter Iman Shumpert Jr., lovingly called Junie.

“They were so heavy. When I did the Kanye fashion show they were just bigger than me,” she said. “And I was just like, ‘This is just too much.’ I took ’em down. I took ’em all the way down. The thing about it was, it was all excess, just tissue and milk. It was so much stuff and I was just like, ‘This gotta go.'”

Taylor told Ebro that her breasts are finally back to where they used to be and that she feels a lot more comfortable, despite the terrible scar the surgery left behind.