Teyana Taylor Gives Waka Flocka's Wife SEXY Lap Dance! (Video) - MTO News

Rapper Waka Flocka better go home and make sure that his wife Tammy, hasn't packed her bags and left him FOR GOOD.

Yesterday Tammy Rivera went to Teyana Taylor's concert - and Teyana pulled Waka's wife onto the stage, and gave her a sexy lap dance.

And we have to admit, Teyena definitely knows what she's doing.

Here's the video:

Teyana is openly bisexual - and possibly Tammy as well.

Last week, Tammy - who stars on the reality series Love & Hip Hop - appeared to say that bringing other women into the bedroom would be good for her marriage .

Tammy's revelation came after a woman on Twitter asked whether her followers "really wanna get married and have sex with the same person for the rest of your life."

R&B singer Brittany B responded that she would want to be involved in a monogamous marriage, as long as she could "add a few plus 1s to the party every now and then." Meaning that she wants to experiment with other lovers during her future marriage.

Immediately afterwards Waka Flocka's wife chimed in - and she co-signed Brittany's 'open marriage' plans. Tammy wrote about Brittany's swinger comment with, "I approve this message."