TEXT MESSAGES Love & Hip Hop's Lyrica Sent Roccstar . . .That RAY J SAW!! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Last night's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was full of drama. But probably the most DRAMA FILLED part o the episode is when producer Roccstar revealed to Ray J that he had "text messages" from A1's wife Lyrica. And the messages suggested - according to Ray J and Roccstar - that Lyrica wanted to have a relationship with Roccstar.

When Ray J saw the text messages exchanged between Roccstar and the married Lyrica, his eyes went CRAZY.

Well MTO News obtained a transcript of the text messages that Roccstar believes are "incriminating". Here is what was exchanged:

Roccstarr: U cumming tonight?

Lyrica: ya. working on that song. I think I got it.

Roccstarr: good I need u to be sexy when you sing it

Lyrica: Im a married woman #eyes watching emoji#

Roccstarr: Leave ur ring home don't tell A1

Lyrica: Nigga A1 coming with me lol. But I will be sexy

As you can see, the messages definitely seem flirtatious - but NOTHING too over the top. Also, Lyrica made it clear that A1 was coming WITH her to the studio.

The producers are CLEARLY trying to play up the "Lyrica is a ho" storyline.

Lyrica and her husband A! are currently expecting a baby together. While the couple is adamant that the child is A1s, if you watch the new season of Love & Hip Hop you'd probably doubt the paternity.

In this season of Love & Hip Hop, Lyrica is being portrayed as a cheating wife, who possibly had affairs with Safaree and Roccstar.