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Texas Police Officers Are SAVAGE . . . They Photo'd Themselves STRANGLING THE SUSPECT . . . For His MUGSHOT!!


Christopher Johnson is suing the Harris County sheriff's office surrounding a BRUTAL ATTACK that the local police gave during his July 25, 2015 booking process. Two deputies allegedly assaulted him as he was being booked for suspected drunk driving last summer.

In Johnson's mugshot, seen above, he is seen smiling as two men hold him by the neck.

Johnson claims that the officers were upset that he was smiling in the photo, so they STRANGLED HIM. Luckily he survived the attack.

Johnson's legal representatives say the event caused him to suffer significant pain and mental anguish. They say the incident violated Johnson's civil rights, and they are seeking compensation and punitive damages.

A police report accused Johnson of being uncooperative, something he denies.