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Terry Crews: You're Not Black & Successful Until You've Been Called A 'C**n'

Terry Crews is still lost somewhere in the sunken place -- and according to him, you are not Black and successful until you have been called a "coon."

Just check out the tweet below.

Crews has made headlines over recent months speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement and expressing fear of what he refers to as "Black supremacy."

His antics were so off the wall that Miami rapper rick Ross rapped about him in his recent single, "Pinned to the Cross," in which he called him a coon.

"Terry Crews is another coon who was basically bought," Ross raps. 

In an interview, Ross explained his lyrics.

"When sh*t goes down, ain't no time to explain yourself. You're either running with us or running from us. That's what it's all about," Ross tells Billboard. "It gotta be obvious. Him tiptoeing and moving the way he moves, I'm bringing it to light, and he can take it however he wanna take it, but I ain't f*cking with him."