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Terry Crews: Some Black Lives Matter More Than Others!!

Actor Terry Crews just keeps on digger a deeper hole for himself and stated that some "Black lives matter more than others -- because people are telling him to shut up following his ridiculous "#BlackLivesBetter" tweet.

"I didn't go on ABC or NBC to do this. This is my Twitter, this is my private network! And I'm being told to shut up, be quiet, don't say anything, just keep it shut. You're a coon, don't say anything," he said on Roland Martin Unfiltered.  

"And this is the thing, it's really weird because I realize, some Black lives matter more than others because they don't want me as a Black man to talk, because with anything it's like 'You gon make us look bad' but the deal is, I don't care about how we look, I care about how we are. We have to really examine these things within each other. There's colorism going on, there's still the light skin, dark skin thing happening."

He still doesn't get it.

Watch the full interview below.