Terry Crews took to Twitter to apologize to Black men after he claimed that they were unsupportive of him after he revealed his #metoo story.

During an episode of 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen', Crews said the following:

"Black men did not want any part of it," he said. "All my support came from Black women. Straight up... A lot of guys were just like, 'Man, you weak. You sorry. You should have hit him. You should've knocked him out. You should have did all this stuff.' Black women were like, 'No, no, it doesn't work like that.' I was shocked at the split within my own community."

But Crews is now walking back on his comments, and wrote the following on Twitter:

"I’d like to also apologize to the black men that were hurt by my comments regarding a lack of support regarding my sexual assault.

"Truth is, if it had not happened to me, I would have been suspicious and doubtful too."

Should Crews have apologized for being mocked for revealing his sexual assault or did he owe Black men this apology?