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Terrence Howard's Daughter DIVORCES Husband . . . Comes Out As LESBIAN!!


Actor Terrence Howard walked his daughter Aubrey down the aisle just a few years ago. But MTO News learned that Aubrey has divorced her husband, and is living her true life - as an OPEN LESBIAN.

Terrence's daughter Aubrey is 24 years old- and GORGEOUS. She met a man that she thought she could MAKE IT WORK with, and the two were married. But Aubrey was hiding her true self. She knew she loved women . . . and after a long talk with family and friends she decided to "come out."

Coming out led to her divorce . . . but it also led to her freedom. Aubrey is now living HAPPILY in Southern California. In addition to loving WOMEN. .. .she also loved  practicing YOGA.

Through Aubrey, Howard has two grandchildren, a granddaughter born in December 2012 and a grandson (Adrian) born in February 2015. Aubrey is Terence’s eldest daughter. She attended Howard University and now has a four year old adorable daughter of her own, whom she was pregnant with at the age of 18. That’s right, Terrence officially became a proud grandpa at 42. At the time of Aubrey’s pregnancy, she married Billy Gayle, the father of her daughter, and her Pops reportedly walked her down the aisle.


Her father, Terrence Howard lives outside Philadelphia in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. He has been married four times to three women, and has five children and two grandchildren.

In other family drama news, Terrence Howard's ex-wife is trying to get back child support from the Empire star.

According to the website The Blast:

Terrence Howard has pulled in close to $10 million in the past five years playing Lucious Lyon on the hit show “Empire.” 

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Howard’s ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, claims Howard has been hiding his money from her and owes her in excess of $1 million in back support.