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Teresa Giudice has revealed that she never enjoyed filming Real Housewives of New Jersey, despite being the fan-favorite of the Bravo series.

It's always challenging for me, unfortunately. It's like, everybody else has smooth sailing, has a great time on the show. For me, it's always hard," Teresa told Us Weekly. "I haven't enjoyed being on the show. Not as of yet, 10 years on. Not enjoyed one season yet. I can't wait, maybe Season 11 I'll enjoy."

It's not surprising. Teresa has had several huge bust-ups with members of her family, and her whole legal situation played out in front of the Bravo cameras. But according to Teresa - season 10 is bringing the drama, New Jersey style!

"The 10th season is explosive. They wanted to do something big for the 10th season, and there's a lot of drama. Not that we wanted to do something big, it happened," she teased. "I didn't expect it to happen. I'm shocked. It's just screwed up. … Tensions are high."