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Tennis Star SLOANE STEPHENS Poses NEKKID For Sports Illustrated . . . Wearing BAD Lingerie . . . And BAD Wig!! (Looks Like A BLACK TAIL Shoot)

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Tennis star Sloane Stephens burst onto the scene last year – when she won the US OPEN.
Today she’s making a SPLASH – but for all the WRONG REASONS. Her new pics in Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT Edition look . . . CHEAP!!

People on social media are complaining that the pics looked more like BLACK TAIL – than a high-end photoshoot.

In the images, Sloane wears an ILL FITTED wig, and the swimsuits are very UNFLATTERING.

And the poses . . . are WAY OVER THE TOP – for a tier ONE athlete.

But her feature in the magazine is another "W" for Black women.

"I’ve always loved the beauty of the SI Swimsuit issue and thought it would be incredible to one day be a part of it. I honestly never thought I’d have the opportunity. When the opportunity was presented, I immediately said yes because I felt really honored to be a part of it." She told Sports Illustrated.

She also spoke about the challenges of shooting the photographs on the beach in Aruba.

"The most challenging shots were shots posing with the waves splashing on you. Trying to maintain your composure with waves and sand flowing was wild. I have so much respect for all of the models of the world. Modeling is fun but extremely challenging work."

Let's face it; you're never going to please everybody all of the time. And although her weave didn't receive top marks, she did receive a lot of love too.

The main lesson here is that Sports Illustrated obviously don't know how to style a Black woman's hair. Next tie, she needs to get her hair "did" before she hops on that plane!

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