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Tekashi69 allegedly owes almost $100k to two security firms he hired to protect him pre-his arrest.

According to TMZ, Tekashi hired " a small army from 2 different security companies during his recent 10-day stay in L.A."

The source told TMZ that bill included armed guards provided round-the-clock protection and 3 bulletproof SUVs and the total cost came up to $97,165.

The "GUMMO" rapper might be locked up, but that hasn't stopped people from coming for his coins. It has been reported that his former booking agency is demanding over $800k from his bank account which has been frozen by the feds.

Two strippers are also claiming that he got them pregnant, and also want a piece of the frozen pie.

The New York inmate could be facing up to 35 years behind bars. We're not sure whether the firms will have their invoices paid. The feds could take it all.