Kifano "Shotti" Jordan has been sentenced to 15 years in prison during a hearing at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in New York on Friday.

Shotti pleaded guilty to one count of firearm possession during a crime and one count of firearm discharge during a crime. According to reports, Shotti was initially charged with six counts, including racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes in aid of racketeering, and firearms use. 

Back in March, he took a plea deal where he pleaded guilty to the firearm possession and firearm discharge counts. 

Shortly after he took the deal, he sat down for an interview with Punch where he slammed 6ix9ine for snitching:

"This n*gga, he broke every code and every rule out this muthaf*cka. 'He's an ungrateful rat bastard, man. 'It's just that simple, but 'I'll forgive the lil n*gga after all that, you feel me. 'It's all good," he said at the time.

Shotti also said that it was unlikely that he'd be sentenced to more than 11 years.