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Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mother is being accused of snitching on him while he's in jail.

Sara posted a message to her Instagram page:

"Ya must be dumb. N*ggas get a hold of phones all the time in jail so imagine how much easier it is to get one when you're not in actual jail but in a 'facility' bein high profile and sh*t"

DJ Akademiks took the opportunity to repost Sara, asking his followers:

"#tekashi69 baby mama accuses him of getting a cell phone in jail and getting his label to delete her Instagram account . She crazy or y’all think she on to something?"


He knew what he was doing. And his followers took no time in trashing Sara, labeling her as a "snitch."

"She dry snitching on him for having a phone..."

"she watches too many movies like any other world maybe he would’ve a phone by now but dude is constantly being watched and I don’t think them guards about risk they jobs for him and the face they want you to make calls right now to get you talking and maybe you slip up and say something yeah woman you gotta think with head"

"Damn she dry snitchin on her bany father (no bueno)"

"the feds the ones who gave him the cellphone in jail 😂🤔 stoopid"

But many are also calling Ak out for beefing with Sara:

"Imagine beefing with a chick... you sound soft 🤷🏽‍♀️"

"@iamakademiks you're salty she called you out 😂"

"you gotta to understand once he drink his courage juice (henny) on twitch he become a character for his fans lol"

"This suppose to be ya mans baby moms...smh"

Who do you think is in the wrong here?