Hip hop snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine is no longer in federal prison, and his whereabouts is currently unknown. But wherever he is - he has many people wondering whether or not he's safe.

Recently, a new image of Tekashi testifying in court was released online, and in the image Tekashi appears to be wearing a neck brace. The image, now being widely circulated, is causing many of his fans to wonder the obvious question - why is he wearing a neck brace? 

Some of fans seem to think he was attacked while in custody while others believe the rapper was "tortured" by the government into snitching on his former friends.

Here's the image that's causing the stir:


The image is even more troubling, given that Tekashi is no longer in federal custody - at least according to current government records. Here's his status based on the Bureau of Prison's website:


Tekashi is currently being held by the feds at an undisclosed location - or a "Black site." Once he's finished testifying, the feds will decide what happens to him next, perhaps based what he provided during his testimony.

The 23 year old rapper may be out of federal prison, but he's not free yet. He still faces up to 40 years for crimes he allegedly committed while a part of the Nine Trey Bloods.