Tekashi 6IX9INE Squashes Beef With Casanova . . .  A Rapper He ALLEGED SHOT AT!!

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The streets of Brooklyn are officially SAFE again. MTO News confirmed that the rap beef between Tekashi 6ix9ine and Casanova is officially squashed.

The two rappers met up last night inside a NY club LUSH, and they officially made peace.

Most outside observers thought that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the two rappers to make peace. Allegedly Tekashi and his people SHOT at Casanova in Brooklyn last month. Also shots were fired inside Brooklyn's Barclays Arena - when the two men last met up.

But cooler heads prevailed. MTO News learned that now Tekashi's people approached Cas' folks for a sit down. A financial arrangement was made, and the beef was settled.

Here s the video:

According to a report from VIBE last month:

Tekashi’s beef with Casanova in particular had been festering in the streets of New York City for quite some time now, but their issues took an interesting turn when they crossed paths at the Adrian Bronner fight last month. Ironically, their incident had absolutely nothing to do with his other foe, Broner. According to TMZ, the rainbow-haired artist and his group were walking in a hallway inside the Barclays to a VIP section when they bumped into Casanova and his people along the way.

Members of both crews began pushing each other before someone in Tekashi’s group allegedly fired a round from a .32 caliber into the air. Casanova and his people made the right decision by fleeing the scene. Meanwhile, Tekashi’s group stayed behind to speak to investigators who flocked to the scene during the aftermath. No one was injured on the scene.