Tekashi 6ix9ine ROBBED Fan On IG Live - Now Facing 15 Years In Prison! (Video)

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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was released from federal prison just a few weeks ago, and he may be back in prison before the weeks end, MTO News has learned.

Tekashi is being accused of participating in the robbery of a fan - stealing his $1,000 iPhone by force.

It all started, when the man pulled out his phone and began video'ing the snitch rapper. In addition to filming, the fan yelled out disrespectful comments towards Tekashi.

Tekashi got upset, and then made a decision that may end up costing the rapper the next 6 to 15 years of his life.

According to social media reports, Tekashi instructed his security team to take the man's iPhone. The security guard then - allegedly - took the man's phone and all hell broke loose.

First the man protested, and it escalated quickly and he got into a fight with one of Tekashi's security team. At one point, a member of Tekashi's armed security actually pulled a gun on the man.

Luckily no one was shot.

But by allegedly instructing his security team to take a man's iPhone, Tekashi may have committed a serious felony in New York.

Under New York's strict laws, theft of an iPhone - if accompanied by force, physical injury, serious physical injury, a weapon or more than one thief - could range from Second to Third Degree Robbery. 

Third Degree Robbery, a Class D felony, is any theft that involves force - whether by punch, shove, grab or even the threatened use of force, The sentence is three and one half to seven years for a predicate felon like Tekashi. 

Since Tekashi was accompanied by another member (his security team) and he displayed what appears to be a firearm, the crime could be Second Degree Robbery, a class “C” violent felony. The mandatory minimum irrespective of criminal history is three and one half years in prison while the maximum is fifteen years incarceration. 

MTO News reached out to the NYPD and asked whether they plan on taking any action against Tekashi. So far we have not received a response.