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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine will not be hanging around New York when he is released from prison later on this year - and is already making plans to exit the Big Apple.

The rapper is fearful of what may happen to him after his release and will beef up his security for his protection. Since he will still be on supervised probation when he is released, any plans to leave New York will have to be given the green light from the authorities first.

It had been reported last year that the feds had offered Tekashi witness protection, but he allegedly turned it down. According to sources, Tekashi will provide for his own security and " only wants legit former law enforcement officers or ex-military who are licensed to carry firearms."

Tekashi upset any gang affiliates when he turned states witness against members in exchange for a much shorter sentence. His decision to "snitch" on his former friends and associates left many in the hip hop community divided on the issue, with the majority of them agreeing that snitching on his crew was not okay by a long shot.