Tekashi 6IX 9INE's Robbers Go ONLINE . . . Show Stolen Jewels . . . Demand $300K Ransom!!!

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Tekashi 6ix9ine was kidnapped and robbed in Brooklyn last weekend. Well now his robbers have shown their faces on social media - and are demanding $300K ransom for the stolen jewels. Yes, you read that right - the ROBBERS are snitching on themselves on social media.

Two men took to social media last night o publicly ADMIT to being involved in the Tekashi robbery. The two men also asked for $300K in ransom. One man - wearing Tekashi's stolen chain -  told Tekashi "I'll give it up for 2 HUNDO." First asking for a $200K ransom.


Then, the robbers UPPED the ante. Another man, presumably an accomplice, took to social media and demanded $300K. But this man had TWO of the rappers stolen chains. Here's the video:

According to Variety, the robbery may have been an inside job. Their report read:

A day after he was kidnapped, robbed and hospitalized, rapper Tekashi 6ixNine said he’s “fine” and that the incident was an “inside job,” in an interview with DJ Akademiks Monday afternoon.

The MC (real name: Daniel Hernandez) said he’d suffered “concussion trauma to the head” after being knocked unconscious two times. “I’m fine,” he insisted.

Hernandez was vague with police about details of the attack, and he was unclear when asked about it by Akademiks. “It was an inside job,” later adding, “it wasn’t no outside n—-s. It’s n—as that know how the king of New York moves,” he said, referring to himself. “The only person that can get a Pharaoh in Egypt is the person who helped build the f—in’ kingdom, you know what I’m saying? The n—a that’s right next to him. The n—a that know who built that shit, that got the blueprints.”