Teens Burglarize NBA Youngboy's Mansion On IG Live & Get Away With It!! (Video)


NBA Youngboy’s Houston mansion was burglarized on Tuesday night, and the burglars live-streamed their break-in and theft, MTO News has learned. And what's crazy is - they appear to have gotten away with it!!

This extraordinary video may be the first time ever that burglars actually livestreamed their criminal activity on social media.

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So how did they get away with it, without getting arrested?

Well the burglars initially broke into NBA Youngboy's home and began filming his items while stealing. Eventually the men were confronted by NBA Youngboy's security team.

The teenagers were quick thinkers, however, and came up with an ingenious idea. 

They convinced security that they were not burglars, but just some teenage fans that were so excited to be near the rap star - that they illegally entered his home.

The security guards believed the finesse, and allowed the burglars to leave.

Afterwards the teens posted a video on Instagram showing all the money that they stole from the rapper's home.

Fans asked NBA Youngboy if he planned on calling the police on the burglars. The rapper told his fans that he doesn't not believe in calling the police on anyone.