Teenagers CAR JACK Someone . . . Go On A JOY RIDE . . . And End Up In A WILD Police Car Chase . . . And The Idiots LIVESTREAM THE WHOLE THING!!! (


The new trend of livestreaming just hit a new landmark. Two days ago five Mississippi teens committed a carjacking - and Livestreamed it for the world to see.

But the story gets even better. The police got a tio from someone watching the Livestream what was going on, and they found and apprehended the carjackers.

And it was ALL caught on the Live stream.

Here is how WJTV 12 locally is reporting it:

One person was shot during a pursuit that involved the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. Five teenagers were arrested, officials said.

The suspects also went live on Facebook during the chase.

According to District Attorney Michael Guest, Rankin deputies were notified around 11:40 p.m. Tuesday from the Forest Police Department about a stolen brown Honda Accord and a red Nissan Sentra.

Guest said the Nissan was stolen at gunpoint in Ridgeland at a convenience store and was involved in an armed carjacking in Forest.

Rankin County deputies spotted the Nissan on I-20. We’re told that deputies tried to stop the car, but the driver kept going.