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A teenage girl has gone viral after she was captured on camera defacing a Nipsey Hussle tribute mural.

The teen, who hails from Connecticut, has been identified as Kaitlyn Renee or “Kay Kay” defaced the Nipsey Hussle mural with a can of black spray paint over the weekend.

Kay Kay showed no remorse for the disrespectful tribute after Twitter aired her out.

“Y’all really mad. I ain’t boutta argue with none of y’all over some PAINTING. you know how much dope sh*t in heaven park gets painted over? Oh alright then hop off. Yah Boutta “kill” me over a painting. That sh*t is hilarious.”

She added, “Who’s a b*tch? Not I. no disrespect to Corey y’all was just coming out y’all mouths WAY TOO much so I did what I did.”

Kay Kay may be smiling now, but posting this video is going to bring her nothing but negativity. Nipsey fans are gunning for her!