A teenager who was booted off stage by West Coast rapper YG for refusing to yell "F*ck Donald Trump" in 2019, has spoken out about how his life has changed - and he says he was not a fan to begin with.

"Most of the crowd had their middle fingers up and were chanting the song along with YG. All I did was stand there. I didn't want to present myself in that way. At no time did I mention anything regarding politics at the festival," Austin Joyner, 18, wrote.

"As Americans, we have Freedom of Speech, and while I may not agree with YG's hatred towards President Trump, as a citizen, he's allowed to say what he wants. However, he crossed a line when he singled me out for not singing along and tried to humiliate me and get the entire crowd to turn against me in a threatening manner."

He accuses YG of putting a target on is back:

"You put a target on my back that night and made it unsafe for me at the festival. Thankfully, two security guards came up to me after you kicked me off stage. They advised me to leave because they determined it was too risky for me to stay there at that point."