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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Malorie Beaver was arrested for domestic assault on Saturday night. Police say that the reality star put her hands on her elderly grandmother!

According to the arrest report obtained by The U.S. Sun, police responded to a call Saturday night at approximately 11:13 PM. The call was made by Malorie’s grandma Janice Bollen. Mallory was staying at her grandmother's house

When police showed up, Grandma Janice told the officer that Malorie had “just arrived home and was intoxicated.” 

Grandma claims that Malorie then “went into the bathroom and fell into the door waking up her child causing her to cry.” Janice picked up Malorie’s infant daughter Emerson in an attempt to comfort her, but Malorie insisted on taking the child - violently. 

Janice then called the police - who came and arrested Malorie.

As fans of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant already know -  Malorie loves to party. Her entire storyline revolves around her choosing a party lifestyle over being a mother to her daughter.

Malorie is claiming that it was all just a big misunderstanding. Listen to her explain how it was all just an "overreaction":