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Teen mom OG Cheyenne revealed to her fans yesterday, that she's just gotten breast augmentation.

News of her surgery came out when one of her Cheyenne's followers began trolling her and pointing out the changes to her body recently.

Instead of ignoring the troll, Cheyenne confronted the woman, and admitted to having plastic surgery. Look:


Cheyenne's surgery was done carefully and tastefully. The doctors added size and volume to the reality star's breast. But they didn't go overboard.

You can see the above photo, showing Cheyenne with a nice and proportionate figure. And here's what she looks like now, after the surgery:


Cheyenne Floyd, a 25 year old college graduate, is a regular cast member in Teen Mom OG. She joined in the seventh season of the show. She has one child, her daughter Ryder, with her partner “Cory Wharton”. He is also a reality TV personality and social media star.