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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was arrested on July 5, after a confrontation with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Well now MTO News has some more details about the alleged attack - and it's explosive.

The police released an affidavit - which described everything that Andrew claims Amber did to him.

In the affidavit, Andrew told police that the trouble started early in the evening on July 4, when he and Amber tried to take their one-year-old son James to watch a fireworks display. The couple ended up getting caught in traffic and missed the fireworks.

Andrew says that Amber was furious, and she blamed him for not planning better. Andrew dropped Amber off at their house, and he then drove James around to allow Amber to “cool off.” When he returned with James, Amber allegedly attacked him with a shoe.

“Mr. Glennon stated when he got inside the home, Ms. Portwood grabbed a shoe off the shoe rack and hit him with it. Mr. Glennon stated he was holding [the baby] and he turned to the side to avoid [the baby] getting hit with the shoe,” reads the affidavit.

“Amber began screaming at him and hit him several times and he wasn’t positive if it was an open hand or closed fist,” a second officer who spoke with Andrew states. “Then Amber picked up a sandal with about a 1-inch chunky heel and hit him in the shoulder, causing him pain and redness and a light abrasion.”

Then Amber reportedly attempted suicide!!

“Mr. Glennon became visibly upset and stated Ms. Portwood then threatened to kill herself. Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing.”

Then she allegedly tried to murder him with a machete!!

Andrew says Amber then attempted to kill him. She grabbed a machete that she keeps for protection and charged towards him at him while he was still holding James!

“Mr. Glennon stated he locked himself and [the baby] into the office,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated she hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle. Mr. Glennon stated that is when he called for help.”

Eventually police arrived and saved Andrew and the baby.

Amber is currently facing three felony charges, including domestic battery and domestic battery in the presence of a child, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.