The new episode of Teen Mom 2 will be explosive. In it, Jade Cline finds out her mother Christy has been busted for meth possession.

In a preview clip for this week’s episode, The MTV cameras catch the moment that she finds out that her mom is busted with meth. 

The episode shows Jade driving her daughter Kloie home from the park, when the reality star gets the call from her mom from the Marion County Jail. Jade's mom Christy is then heard saying, “Jade, please come bond me out of jail.” 

“What the f***? “You’re in jail?” Jade can be heard responding. 

Her mom answers, “Yes. Come bond me out for 500 and I’ll pay you back. I swear to god. Please!”

Jade then explains that she doesn’t have $500, and becomes visibly enraged. 

The Teen Mom 2 star Christy and Jade's stepdad Corey were both arrested in May and charged with meth and marijuana possession. According to a police affidavit, someone called police - when they thought the two had overdosed. It turns out that Christy and Corey were just asleep in their car.

When the cops arrived, officers found marijuana, four pipes, meth, and suboxone.

Eventually all of the charges against Christy were dismissed on August 14.