Teen Girl Confronts ALLEGED RAPIST On Live . . . And His MAMA Comes And DEFENDS HIM!!

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A teenage girl in New Jersey decided to create a #MeToo moment on social media, and it went viral.

The young lady - who we're told is 16 years old confronted a teenage boy whom she claims "raped her" while she was sleeping. The young lady claims her alleged attacker is her boyfriend's BEST FRIEND.

The teen girl claims that she was asleep in her boyfriends house, when a man came into her bed. She claims that she believed it  be her boyfriend who started having s*x with her while she was half asleep.

But the girl claims that it felt different, and so she woke up - and claims that she realized that it was her boyfriend's BEST FRIEND.

The girl then went on LIVE to confront the boy who she claims RAPED HER. While she was making her accusations - they boy's MOTHER came and defended him, asking the girl, "What were you doing there anyway."

The video has since gone VIRAL.

The young man in the video should be considered innocent of the allegations, unless he is eventually proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.