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Teen Gets JUMPED ON LIVE . . . While On Bed Rest At Chicago's South Shore Hospital!!


MTO News obtained EXCLUSIVE footage of a vicious attack on a 19 year old girl - inside Chicago's South Shore Hospital.

The incident occurred this past weekend, and it was captured on Livestream.

The video started when two women PULLED UP on a girl who was in the hospital recovering from a minor surgical procedure. The patient was ordered to STRICT BED REST - until her stitches healed.

Here is the video

Well her enemies didn't want to let her REGAIN HER STRENGTH - so they pulled up on her  and jumped her right there in the hospital bed.

At one point, one of the girls attempted to pull out her IV. You can see the patient holding onto the IV - trying to keep it from being RIPPED out of her veins.


The victim did not get hurt badly, luckily. And MTO News learned that the two girls who JUMPED HER - escaped without being arrested.

It's not clear whether police plan on taking ANY ACTION against the two aggressive women.