Teen Gang Members 'Disciplined' For Attacking Mexican Worker!! (Graphic Video)

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Two Los Angeles teenagers, allegedly affiliated with the "Hoover Crips" gang are going viral after senior members of the gang Livestreamed them being "disciplined" for an offensive act. 

It all began when two teens live-streamed themselves attacking a Mexican street vendor on social media. Apparently, senior members of Hoover Crips gang saw the video, and they did not like what they were doing - one bit.

So the gang decided to correct the two teenagers, by forcing them to fight one of the more vicious members of the gang.

And the gang made sure to Livestream the actions taken against the teens and invited thousands to watch the inner workings of the gang.

Here's the first video, where the teenagers slap the street vendor:

And here's the video of the teens getting "disciplined"

After the event was over, gang members from across the country - including Mexican gangs - congratulated the Hoover Crips for the way they handled the unruly teens.