Rapper Offset, real name Kiari Cephus, is facing charges that he allegedly assaulted a teenager in an Atlanta area Target. Well now people are questioning the alleged victim - 18 year old Junior Gibbons - after racist images were found on the teen's Facebook page.

MTO News obtained images from a Facebook account that belongs to a "Junior Gibbons." The same account has dozens of personal pictures of the teen, dating back more than 3 years.

On February of 2018, the owner of the page changed the profile picture, from one of Junior Gibbons - to a picture of President Barack Obama standing next to an Asian man with the word "N*gga" on it.

The same image is frequently shared on neo-Nazi websites, and is deemed offensive by many in the African American community.


When word got out that a Facebook page purportedly linked to Junior had this image, many of Offset's fans lashed out.

Offset is facing a felony, and possible jail time because of an interaction with Junior.

Last week, Offset was shopping for a baby stroller in a Sandy Springs Target. 

Junior noticed him and started filming him with a phone. Offset responded by knocking the intruding fans phone out of his hand and reportedly saying, “Get that f*ckin’ phone out of my face” before leaving the store. 

The phone’s screen broke. And because the phone costs $800, that’s enough for the police to hit Offset with a felony charge.

Offset has offered to pay for the fans phone, but he declined. Instead he's hired a lawyer and is looking to sue the Migos rapper for millions.