Teejayx6 Responds To Video Of Him Getting Jumped At The Mall

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Teejayx6 hopped online to respond after he trended online Tuesday after footage of him getting jumped in a mall went viral.

"Listen, a group of n*ggas walk up on you, bro. I still got the little black eye too, look," Teejayx6 said via Instagram Live. "I got the little black eye, you see it? Y'all see the black eye. Those n*ggas beat my ass. But, I don't know, bro. I don't know how I go to Detroit so fast, wasn't that video today, bro?"

The incident reportedly took place in Atlanta's Lenox Mall.

In the video clip posted to Twitter, the rapper is chased by a large group of men -- and it does not look like a warm, welcoming party to say the least.

He runs away.

Some fans deny that it was him, but that it was simply a man that looks like him, but after Teejay's own confession -- it's all a bit confusing.