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Rapper Tee Grizzley has opened up about the shooting death of his aunt and manager, which took place on Aug. 20.

Grizzley sat down with Bigg Dawg Blast, where he spoke about the loss of Jobina "JB" Brown, and how it has affected him.

The rapper explained that on the day of her murder, he drove to his cousin's house, but his aunt would not leave the vehicle.

"I'm begging her to come in the house," he said. " So I'm telling her to come in the house, but she like 'No.' JB was kind of funny acting about dirty houses and stuff like that. The house wasn't even dirty, but to her, she's just a real, real clean person."

"So I get down 'cause I'm thinking they about to come to the side and start shooting at me, and I didn't have [guns] on me at the time," he said about what occurred after he heard shots firing. "So my cousin ran out with a gun or whatever and we ran out to the front to see what's goin' on ... Once we got in the front, my driver's gone."

When he saw that there was no glass on the ground, he assumed that nobody had been hurt before the car got a chance to drive away, but both the driver and his aunt let him know that he was the target of the shooting and that the shooters opened the door.

"I was tryin' to talk to her [but] I ain't hear what she was saying. She couldn't really form... words," he said. "But n*ggas were coming for me because they opened my door."

He revealed that he blames himself for her death as well as the rest of his family.

"They feel like it should've been me. And it should've been, because it was for me," he admits.