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Teddy Rux, one of the stars on VH1's Black Ink is married - and he's confirmed it.

Back in October, MTO broke the news that there were rumors on the set of Black Ink, that Teddy was "secretly" married, and that his may have been pregnant.

Teddy has been hiding his wife, so that he could have "fake" relationships on the reality show.

Here is the full story.

We also showed you pics of Teddy appearing to wear a wedding ring during filming:

Well over the weekend, Teddy confirmed it all - both that he's married, and that his wife is pregnant. And before you cask, NO his wife is NOT Black Ink co-star Tati.

Teddy posted a pic of him and his wife, kissing. And he used emoji's to confirm that the two are both married, and expecting a baby. Look:


He quickly deleted the pic, however, once he realized that VH1 producers didn't approve of him blowing up next season's storylines.

Back in October, a MTO News insider explained, "No one knows for sure, but people are saying that Teddy is married. You can look on his Instagram and see that he's wearing a ring on his wedding finger."

But once Teddy gets in front of the camera, our source explains, he takes off the ring. The insider continued, "Before he films, he takes off the ring - films the scene - and puts it on after."

Don't expect to see Teddy's wife this season though. The production insider explained, "She was not on set and she was not a part of the show. He's trying to keep her on the low."

It seems as though he's finally ready now to let the world in.