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Marques Brownlee is one of the most influential tech reviewers in the world. And the 24 year old is seen as an inspiration for young Black techies. He's the idol to thousands of young Black techies.

Well today he's coming under fire. Not for what he did, or what he said . .. but for who he loves. 

You see Marques is dating a White girl. And MTO News learned that Marques has a distinct preference for White girls. Should this matter??

Here are pics of him and his bae:


The pics were leaked last night, and since they leaked, his comments have been filled with ANGRY African American women leaving disparaging comments about Marques and his GF. 

Many Black women feel that a successful tech guy like Marques, should have a Black girlfriend (and eventual wife). They feel he's "selling out" by not dating within his race.

Marques has not yet spoken out about the controversy.

MKBHD joined YouTube on March 21, 2008. He first started uploading technology videos in January 2009, while still in high school, about new products or reviews of products he already owned.

 He says his first videos were screencasting where he would post an image and just talk over it, then responded to requests from viewers of what they would like to watch.

His first several hundred videos were primarily hardware tutorials and freeware. He was later approached by companies to demonstrate their paid software and hardware, but only reviews products that would be of interest to his audience of technology enthusiasts.