Rapper Tech N9ne has spoken out in defense of Detroit emcee Eminem, stating that he does not believe that Em is a culture vulture.

"I am just doing music that I love and feel. Not only do I do Hip Hop shows, I do rock shows and festivals and sh*t. I can open for Kanye and 2 Chainz, and the next day, do Knotfest, n*gga! I've done it. In that order," he says in the clip posted to Instagram.

He continued: "So when you see me at rock shows, and you know my base is in Hip Hop, does that make me a culture vulture? NO! So, what the f*ck y'all saying about Eminem then? Like he didn't grow up listening to Hip Hop. Y'all know he did."

Em has repeatedly been called a culture vulture - mostly by his rap rivals Benzino and Lord Jamar, with the latter calling white people "guests" in hip hop.