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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Teairra Mari made a shocking series of admissions. First, she now admits that her body - and in particular her butt is 'fake'.

Then, even more embarrassingly, Teairra admitted that her butt used to "leak" on the couches while she was filming scenes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Teairra underwent a Brazilian Butt lift, where a surgeon liposuctioned fat from her stomach, and injected it into her butt. 

Shortly after the procedure, however, the fat injected into Teairra's butt began to leak out - all over the furniture during filming of Love & Hip Hop.

The shocking revelation was revealed during the re-airing of the VH1 show Dirty Little Secrets, which contained extra footage.

Teairrra explained, "Yeah my butt might’ve been leaking but it was leaking fat. It wasn’t leaking no fake, prosthetic s***. But I still got a nice a** and you better know it.

The reality star's "accident" on the couch was confirmed by one of the Love & Hip Hop producers.

And surprisingly, Teairra wasn't the only cast member with a leaky body. 

Producer Trevia Williams explained "I had a couple cast members who were pumping up their hinder parts with whatever they were putting in them. They would come to set and there would be leakage on the couches, back of their dresses"