Teacher In Trouble - Bodyslams Boy Who Attacks  Girl!! (Was He Wrong???)

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An Atlanta teacher is under investigation by his school, after he broke up a fight between two students. A male student attacked a female student, first with a belt and then with his fists - and the teacher body slammed the boy to subdue him.

Some people inside the school administration believe that the teacher - who MTO News is not naming for confidentiality purposes - went overboard. The parents of the boy are asking school officials to look into the incident.

But many of the parents in the community are rallying behind the teacher - who did not incur the child with the body slam.

One mother of a child in the class wrote on social media, "That boy is lucky all he got was slammed. Did you see the way he was whipping that girl. He should have been socked in the jaw.

We're providing a link to the video below. Warning it contains violence: